The PR Intern’s Trifecta: Organizing, Prioritizing, and Communicating with Managers


Today’s post is by Peppercom intern, Jackie DiMauro–future PR star and current organizer extraordinaire.

Today, a fellow intern asked me, “Hey! I know you are the queen of planners, where can I get a good one around here?”

Cue the horns, fireworks and fist pumps.

Oh, me? Why thank you. I really AM the queen of planners, aren’t I?

Let’s just say I’d usually feel bad for anyone who stumbled across my color-coded planner, but this was the greatest compliment someone could give an organized-crazed person such as me.

I always carry a planner/journal, a calendar and an iPhone to organize and prioritize my day-to-day life. I started doing this in college when I was juggling six classes, a full-time internship, and somewhat of a social life. Now, even though I’m out of school, these prioritization skills are still relevant and necessary, especially in PR.

My planner helps with many things, including:

  • Keeping track of my time and how long I work on projects.
  • Prioritizing current assignments and staying on top of deadlines.
  • Staying prepared for meetings.
  • Having a visual of my workload.

When you’re constantly prepared for meetings and meeting deadlines, it shows you’re serious about the position and the company. Your managers DO notice these things and they WILL respect you more.

But remember: it’s not only important to be organized and prioritize your workload as an intern, but also to be interactive with your co-workers and team members.

Starting at a new place, we interns may not know the best person to turn to if we have questions and we definitely don’t want to step on any toes. Should we lean on fellow interns? How about an AE? Dare I ask upper management? Sure, any of the aforementioned titles have a time and place to answer questions, especially depending on how closely you work with someone, but interns shouldn’t be afraid to communicate with management.

I’m not saying ask your management supervisor where to find a pen, but if you have a question about an account you’re on or a positive idea to share during a team meeting– then by all means say it! Being proactive and contributing thoughts to the people in power will only help an intern in the long run. It will also help gain the trust and respect of fellow team members who are above you.

Personally, it feels great to interact with upper management, or clients, and be considered a team player. It shows a level of professionalism, that as interns, we strive for.

So go out to your nearest Staples or Barnes & Noble, grab a nice, new, neat planner, and start organizing and prioritizing your workload. And, at your next team meeting, try to contribute an idea or story you’ve come across. Not only will you feel great, but your actions will speak volumes to your team members and managers.




Awesome post. I, for one, am in constant awe of your stellar organizational skills. Perhaps you should host a PSU on organization etc.? Food for thought :)

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