The Intern Spotlight: Younhee Choi


In today’s post, meet current Peppercomm NYC intern and future industry star, Younhee Choi

Younhee ChoiTell us about yourself—where did you/do you go to school, where are you from and what brought you to Peppercomm?

I was born in South Korea and my family moved to the States when I was in the 4th grade. I’ve lived in the Bronx ever since. In May of 2014, I graduated from Baruch College in the city of New York with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and a minor in Graphics. I was always interested in the creative world. After watching well-made advertisements and looking through well designed brand logos it triggered me to jump in to the advertising and marketing field. I learned that there were many divisions in the marketing field and while I was searching for a new marketing internship I was introduced to Peppercomm and its Brand² Squared Licensing division. After submitting my resume, I was very excited yet nervous about the opportunity to join the great atmosphere and humorous environment at Peppercomm

What area of the industry do you find the most appealing and why?

Public Relations is very new to me and the industry itself was very appealing. As of now, I have been involved mostly in brand licensing where I get to see companies collaborating to license new products. I have also been involved in different areas of the industry, including market research, brand management, and also what I love the most, the creative aspects. 

Any surprises or revelations about your role, the industry or Peppercomm?

I did not know what to expect at Peppercomm. I’ve worked for small firms in the past and was expecting big firms like Peppercomm to be much more serious and independent, but I found myself very wrong. I discovered I was working at a very energetic, collaborative and creative company where everyone enjoys it and is passionate about what they do. I was also surprised about the loads of work I received on my first day of the internship. I can definitely say that I learned a lot in a short amount of time and know I still have more to learn while working here at Peppercomm.

Where do you see yourself going in the industry?

I still do not know exactly what I love, so I want to keep my options wide open. I would definitely want to get my feet wet with the creative team and learn from the basics. Maybe I’ll stay in public relations or learn more about brand licensing. I don’t want to set an end mark to my possibilities until I find what I really enjoy and am passionate about.


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