Summer Sail in San Francisco



Life is about working hard at what you do, but also about finding time for fun adventures.

For our summer outing in San Francisco we decided to set sail and watch the sunset, literally. Our crew of San Francisco and New York employees boarded a sail boat and took in the cool ocean breeze.


Being out on the ocean you have no choice but to be in the moment and take in the sights, something that doesn’t always happen here on land.


Looking around the sail boat at all of the laughing and selfies being taken reminded me of how important it is to find a good place to work that makes you happy. If you’re embarking on your own adventure of starting your career or just simply looking for a good place to call your work home be mindful of not only the work you’ll be doing, but also of who you’ll be spending your time with.


Setting sail on your own career can be like navigating the deep seas. Have a direction in mind and do your best to stay on course while being prepared for the unexpected.

*All images courtesy of Ali Hughes.

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