Six characters we would love to see working in PR


Even though it’s post-Valentine’s Day, love is still in the air. And you know what that means—we’re going to post a list of fictional television characters that we think would be great in the industry based on a few character traits. Why? Why not! It’s a day about love. So check out our list (which is in no particular order or by any means “final”). Let us know who else you would add to the list, but first enjoy our picks:

Mary Crawley






If you watch Downton Abbey, you know Mary Crawley’s a tough cookie. Watch and listen closely, she knows exactly what to say and how to say it. Whether it’s about the war, her family, unrequited love, she keeps everything together and responds well. She never shares information that could come back to hurt her (too much). Also, remember a certain deal with a big newspaper man? Good job, Mary.

Michael Bluth





What Michael Bluth of Arrested Development dealt with was straight up crisis communications. While not perfect, he was (mostly) always cool, calm and collected. We could see him doing very well, especially in some high pressure/ridiculous situations . . . and we know Job would be entertaining.

Ari Gold






Smart, funny and hardworking, Ari Gold “embodies” all that goes into the industry (plus a lot of choice curse words). So, he may be a bit crazy at times, but The Entourage character is tasked with building the brand of his client, so not too far a stretch to jump to the industry. We just hope if he were real, he was on our team.

Ben Wyatt








For the Parks & Recreation fan, you know that Ben has been a successful campaign manager and is very intelligent (he is marrying Leslie Knope after all). He can do it all—crafting messages, working in publicity/with the media and we think he would excel in the field. Ron Swanson was a close second, but we thought his “take all bacon and eggs” attitude put him just a little behind Ben.

Lisa Simpson





She might be 8-years-old, but Lisa Simpson is poised and ready to take on anything. We picture her balance of smarts and calm attitude taking over the world. We wouldn’t mind a little jazz saxophone, too.

Don Draper






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