If the shoe fits, go to that agency


Many PR pros in the making or even just starting out with entry-level jobs are trying to figure out whether a small, large or mid-size agency is the best fit. Oftentimes people tend to dismiss larger agencies, thinking they will be too big and not the right place to be able to foster a career. That’s when good old fashion research and trying different internships can be a huge help.

Read on as former Peppercom intern, Ellie Jesse, discusses what larger agencies have to offer in part one of a series for The Intern Queen on the subject of finding the right fit. Ellie interviews representatives of Edelman and Ketchum discuss characteristics of their respective agencies.

We’d go all “Goldilocks” on this and say that the mid-size agency is JUST right. But we’re biased. What are your thoughts? Small, Mid-Size or Large?


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