About PRiscope

PRiscope is Peppercomm’s blog geared towards the next generation of public relations professionals.  It is the place where we will share our insights and advice on entry-level PR, job hunting, career success and more.

You’ll also see someone posting as “PeppSquad.” Who’s that? They’re Peppercomm’s amazing group of interns and they contribute to the blog regularly, too.

Here they share with you what they have learned as a junior level PR professionals, what we look for in our intern and entry-level candidates, as well as what makes a successful entry-level professional.  Fellow Peppercommers, educators, HR professionals and entry-level PR practitioners themselves also share their perspectives and advice.

We invite you to ask questions, talk about your experiences and get an inside look at entry-level agency life.  Feel free to contact Kristin, David and Mandy at PRiscope@peppercomm.com with ideas or questions and please share your thoughts in the comments sections.

Navigating the journey of entry-level PR isn’t always easy, but is well worth the work you put into it.  We hope to make that process a bit easier and show you how much fun it can be.



Intern Video

To find out more about life as a Peppercom intern, check out this YouTube video produced by former Peppercomm interns who share their experiences. Click Here