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Today’s guest post is by Catharine Cody, current Peppercom intern and lover of London.

A few weeks ago I had the unique opportunity to work at Peppercom’s strategic partner in London, Flagship Consulting.  One of Peppercom’s newest offerings is Comedy Experience, where we teach clients, prospective clients, and even our newest staff members the benefits of performing stand-up comedy.  Since I received comedy training a few weeks prior to the trip, I was asked to help train Flagship Consulting.

However, not all of my time was spent working inside the office extolling the benefits of laugher.  We also went out to dinner every night and got to know each other very well.  The people were amazing.  Not only did the entire staff make sure I had everything I needed, but they became my friends.  Even though we work together and have exchanged numerous emails in the past, seeing them in person solidified our bond.  We realized that, although we work thousands of miles away from each other, our general attitudes and dispositions are the same.

Once back in the states, I realized that the bonds I formed while in London carried over to my work in New York.  I am constantly emailing with the staff about the Olympics and Kate Middleton. (Yes, those are my two London vices and I refuse to defend them.)   I’ve also become friends with them on Facebook and follow them all on Twitter.

If I can only give one piece of advice to my fellow junior workers it would be to travel as much as possible for business.  Not only does it broaden one’s perspective, but it allows you to see that, although we may talk, dress and act differently, people are people no matter where you go.  If you are a great worker, it will be evident on any continent.  Travelling expands one’s horizons and allows you to meet people you might never have the chance to otherwise.  As we know, networking is one of the most important tools one can utilize in their careers.  Why not network with someone from a different country?  This blogger certainly will be doing so from now on.

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It was great having you in London. Look forward to your next visit!

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