Five Tips in Five Minutes- For Your Next Interview


Applying for an entry-level job can be a full-time job in itself. Between the resume tweaks, the endless cover letters and hours of company research, it can be daunting.

In our newest PRiscope series, we’re going to help you navigate some of the trickiest parts of the job-search process, as well as what to do when you land that dream internship or entry-level position. Better yet? We’ll do it in bite-size posts.

Here are five tips in five minutes for your next interview:

  1. Dress appropriately- Technically, this should be a no brainer. Still, you’d be surprised how many candidates fail to err on the side of formality, especially during the summer months. Someone once told me, “Dress for the job you want to have in five years.” It’s never too early to get a head start.
  2. Don’t forget a firm handshake- My father was in sales and he passed this tiny tidbit along to me at an early age. A firm handshake exemplifies confidence- and why shouldn’t you be? You’re their ideal candidate, remember?
  3. Cite key examples- The interview is the perfect time to elaborate on all the points you mention in your resume and cover letter. Did the Twitter account you managed increase in followers? Great! Oh, and did you mention that the interview you arranged for your client led to a Wall Street Journal article? AND 1,000 unique visitors to the website? Perfect!
  4. Know the industry- PR Week. PR News. There are publications you’ll┬ácome to know as a PR professional. Mention an article you read in a recent issue and see if the interviewer has a strong opinion on it- which leads us to the next tip.
  5. ASK QUESTIONS- Nothing hammers the nail in the coffin worse than stone silence at the end of an interview. Remember, you’re interviewing the company in a sense as well. Make sure that it’s the fit for you. In case you’re stumped, take a look at this Inc. article that offers some excellent examples.
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These are pretty paramount tips when prepping for a job interview. But they can also be utilized for phone interviews, aside from the firm handshake. Having recently had a phone interview, I made sure that I was dressed appropriately, just to put me in the same mindset had it been in person. Great list and great start to the series

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