5 Media Relations Tips for New PR Pros




The PR industry is very fast paced, especially when you are working for a top-notch agency like Peppercomm. A successful PR professional must keep the momentum going in order to succeed. Here are some helpful tips I have learned from my mentors at Peppercomm that might be useful to future or current PR professionals tasked with conducting media outreach.

  1. Identify your target media outlets and journalists

Putting together a well written pitch takes time and effort. Instead of writing one pitch for all journalists, take a step back and craft unique, individual pitches for each. In the end, it is the quality of an individual pitch that wins over the quantity of an average mass pitch. A successful PR professional should make each pitch unique and personal to the reporter who will be reviewing it. Something sweet and simple might catch his or her eye!

  1. Take advantage of Twitter in exchange for soft introductions

Almost every journalist today uses Twitter as their main communication source. Following them gives a PR professional the opportunity to comment on their work and build a relationship. Don’t harass them, but there is nothing wrong with complimenting reporters on their work.

  1. Craft your pitch so it’s newsworthy

I think a successful PR professional needs to make sure that his or her pitch angle is newsworthy. Not only do you have to highlight a unique selling point, but craft a pitch that relates to the media outlet being targeted.

  1. Include statistics or hard data to back up your pitch

Including data and statistics in your pitch gives more credibility to the story you are pitching. Numbers stand out to reporters more than one expects it to be.

  1. Don’t make your pitch sound like a press release

Most press releases include a lot of “boring fluff” composed of a few company statistics mixed in with some equally boring quotes. If you craft your pitch to sound like a press release, don’t expect a response from reporters. Short, detailed and straight to the point will win every time.


By: Jessi Zhang

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