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Attached is my . . .

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To start this post off, I took the liberty of looking up the term “cover letter” in the dictionary—and it was not there. So, I went to Wikipedia and found this nifty description:

Job seekers frequently send a cover letter along with their CV or employment application as a way of introducing themselves to potential employers and explaining their suitability for the desired position. Employers may look for individualized and thoughtfully written cover letters as one method of screening out applicants who are not sufficiently interested in their position or who lack necessary basic skills . . .

In short, a cover letter is the first thing you want your potential employer to see. So why are so few young people actually putting this into practice?

The amount of intern/entry-level applications we receive, which are almost solely via email, consists of a note that says: Blah blah blah “attached is my cover letter and resume”.

That note is the absolute first thing we see from an applicant, so why would you attach your cover letter, rather than using it the way it was intended? It may sound silly, but by having to open an attachment, it’s another step an employer has to take to find out about you. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to learn about you and your intentions with a company.

One surefire way to make yourself standout to an employer? Try not attaching your cover letter and actually putting it into your initial email. Among the sea of applicants employers receive, this simple adjustment could make a huge difference.


Rockin’ around the PR tree

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The end of the year is always a time full of cheer, cookies and tips for how to do x, y or z the best way. Well, we’ve found five great tips for you on how to rock your PR skills this season.

Full disclosure: one of our bosses wrote this article, so we’re biased, but don’t let that stop you form checking out Steve Cody’s “5 Tips for Rocking Your PR Around the Holidays” in Inc.



The office party

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‘Tis the season for lots of cheer, fun, gifts and . . . company holiday parties. The latter is almost always fun, as long as you remember a few key points, the basis of that being to remember that despite how much alcohol is served, it is still a work function.

You can still have fun and let loose with your coworkers, but remember, what happens at the holiday party definitely stays in everyone’s memories throughout the year (or who knows, maybe even longer depending on the legacy you leave).

It’s never bad to carry yourself a bit more formally and remember that how you want to be perceived in your work life, is also how you should carry yourself at work events. But there are a few rules to remember.  Check out The Wall Street Journal’s 23 Rules of the Office Holiday Party for a full (and funny) list of tips and tricks.


I was recently staying at my mom’s house which is excellent for many reasons, but mainly because she was making Christmas cookies.

Sadly, my mom figured out long ago that I am a real-life cookie monster and has started to count how many cookies she makes so I can’t eat any without her knowing.

This year is the first time she actually kept a very accurate cookie count and banned me from the kitchen. Immediately after this happened, I marched into the other room and tweeted about my experience:



It wasn’t even a good tweet—it was done out of “anger”. What happened next is a testament to the power of social media.

My mom walked into the room I was in and threw two cookies at me and said “I saw your tweet. I didn’t realize you were that sad about not getting a cookie”.

So what did I learn? Never underestimate what you say on social media, whether positive or negative because you never know who is listening.

I also learned that I can now tweet at my mom (or just say random things) and someone will respond. My next tweet: “Man, I hate doing laundry and would love a new car.” World, feel free to respond the way my mom did.

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Best places to work in NYC

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Very rarely do we like to brag, but today we’re just too excited. Earlier this year, Peppercomm was named one of Crain’s New York Business’s best places to work in in NYC 2012. This past Friday, November 30, the official rankings were released out of those 50 companies that were chosen, with ours named as #1. Yes, #1 (we still can’t believe it)!

All of us at Peppercomm know how wonderful it is to work here, but we are so honored to have been given this recognition.

Read the full article here and learn what other excellent companies made it onto this list.


Readers, what makes a company a great place to work? What kind of atmosphere would you ideally like to be working in?

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