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The Intern Spotlight

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In today’s blog post, meet Sarah Smith, current Peppercom intern and future PR star.

1)   Let’s get the low-down. Where did you go to school, where are you from and how did you end up in PR?

I’m from Northern Virginia and attended school at BYU, which may sound familiar because of this guy, or when its sister school allegedly banned this. (Personally, I never caught “Jimmermania” and skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple). After trying on a handful of majors, I decided on public relations because it combines my passions for writing, strategizing and enjoying feeling stressful way more than anyone should.

2) Which area of the industry do you find most appealing?

I am drawn to branding and positioning, and most recently interested in the digital side. It’s been said before, but I love the fluidity and applicability of public relations – every organization can benefit from the kind of distinguishing strategies PR professionals provide.

3) What’s your biggest revelation about the industry so far?

In a word: synergy. My revelatory moment came several weeks ago in a meeting as my coworkers discussed a client’s positioning, including upcoming opportunities and potential pitfalls. Nothing remarkable happened – at least not to them. But what I witnessed was a dynamic cohesion achieved only by those equipped with research, experience and deep trust in each other as professionals.

I was reminded of an observation made by Tony Lee, publisher of this year’s top ten most stressful jobs in America, when he explained why public relations made the list. He attributed stress to control, noting that those who have the least amount of control often have the most amount of stress: “…they’re reacting to whatever is happening around them.” The kind of cohesion I’ve experienced at Peppercom is possible because we counter that lack of control with forward-thinking strategy and proactive engagement with clients and media. Here, great ideas don’t stop at the elevator. Fellow intern Nicole nailed it on the head when she said that PR becomes who you are and not just what you do, and that is what Peppercom is all about (aside from being super funny – also great for synergy.)

4) Tell us about your proudest moment in the internship so far.

My proudest moment came shortly after I joined a new account and was able to successfully connect our client with several top tier media opportunities. It was great to see the truly mutually beneficial nature of PR come to fruition.

5) Any favorite/inspiring case studies and why?

The Nikon case study is probably my favorite because it’s the perfect example of how older companies can use new public relations strategies to position themselves in the market and remain relevant.


Laughing for a cause

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Curious how funny our co-founder Steve Cody  and president Ted Birkhahn are? Along with a few other Peppercommers and a wonderful group of A-list comedians, you can catch both Steve and Ted on stage this Wednesday night, May 2nd at The Broadway Comedy Club in a special fundraising show to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

To learn more about this, check out Steve’s latest RepMan post. And if you’re interested in joining, RSVP here.

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Intern Video

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