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Commuting made easy

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Don't let Kevin from Home Alone 2 give you the wrong impression, Google Maps could have helped him out a bit.

A little more than a year ago, I wrote about my daily commute and how confusing the subways are when one comes from the tiniest state in the country.  And, we can probably chalk a good chunk of that confusion up to my horrible sense of direction.

Despite all of that, I have consistently been to work and other events on time and been able to navigate my way through the subway system. I do have to admit that the subways are very clearly marked, so clear that even directionally challenged people like myself can get from point A to point B without even asking a police officer for directions (I may or may not have done that once).

My advice last year was to carry a subway map at all times, and while I still encourage this, I have also discovered that Google Maps is quite possibly one of the best resources I can recommend to others like myself. It acts as my own personal GPS and has gotten me out of many a jam (jam = me being lost in NYC).

So for any of you PR pros still navigating the streets of NYC with a bit of confusion, or anyone trying to make his or her way here and are nervous, fear not, Google Maps has got your back.

Any other tips for the directionally impaired?

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Guest post by Avital Pessar–Yeshiva University, Syms School of Business student and Peppercom job shadow-er

Once upon a time, your secret indulgence may have been idolizing Britney Spears. But if you’re one of the 10,315,100 #KimKardashian Twitter followers, you’ve probably redefined your definition of “guilty pleasure”.

What glamor secrets has Kim revealed that encouraged her popularity?  Her party-it-girl tips? Her fashion opinions? Or her fabulous shoe choices? These all may have contributed to her success, but the truth to Kim’s popularity actually lies in the skillful hands of her PR managers.  PR firms can help individuals and companies by driving up their media exposure while optimizing their ROI .

This past month I had the privilege of spending a full day at Peppercom shadowing several individuals as well as participating in some brainstorm sessions. The day gave me insight into the qualities one might need for such a job. These include good communication skills, a vibrant and friendly personality, being able to think on your feet and a great sense of humor.  Not only was I able to observe these qualities, but also experienced them in conversations with many Peppercom employees.

There is much to be learned from a textbook and the classroom, but having a job-shadow opportunity brings the picture alive in a way the professor can’t. I highly recommend seizing the chance to observe when it comes along.  Thank you @Peppercom for allowing me to job shadow for the day with you!

Have any other of you PR pro hopefuls received the chance to job shadow at a company you were interested in interning or working for? Do you see a benefit to doing one?


We’re Recruiting Interns Again!

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It’s that time of the year again- we’re beginning the process of reviewing resumes for the next intern session.

Typically lasting three to four months, the spring internship session begins in January and runs through April. The deadline to apply is November 30th. 

If you’re based near San Francisco, our office on the West Coast is actively looking for an intern to begin at the start of November, so be sure to get a head start on that cover letter and send your information in as soon as possible!

The internship runs full-time (Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm) and it is a paid position. The program is very hands on and interns learn about every aspect of the industry. In addition to regular account duties, interns also attend several workshops on skills such as pitching and writing, social media monitoring, crisis management, and prioritization.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at Peppercom’s New York or San Francisco office, please send your resume with a cover letter to Kristin Davie at interncommittee(at)peppercom(dot)com.

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Intern Video

To find out more about life as a Peppercom intern, check out this YouTube video produced by former Peppercomm interns who share their experiences. Click Here