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Totally viral

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We’ve definitely discussed the importance of having a stellar resume in order to land that coveted PR position. And to reiterate, yes, you need to make sure your resume is in tip top shape.

But what about having a resume going viral on the internet? While even the biggest digital experts cannot predict what internet specials will make Web surfers go crazy, some people just luck out with the information they post.

Check out how Chris Spurlock’s resume made such a splash on the Web in The Huffington Post.

Let us know what you think the benefits (or perhaps downfalls) may be for one’s resume hitting the big time and going viral.


HAPPO NYC Happy Hour

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This week, I celebrated my one-year anniversary at Peppercom. Not too long ago, I was a struggling PR graduate desperate to break into the industry and land my first full-time position.  If only HAPPO existed then!

HAPPO, or Help a PR Pro Out, is the brainchild of several well-known PR bloggers. Once an online networking event, the movement will now include simultaneous in-person events throughout the country.  Of course, Peppercom is going to be attending the NYC event later today- and yes, we are hiring :-) 

 We receive dazzling resumes all the time, but sometimes attaching a face to the name can really make a difference.  So drop us a line if you’ll be there or reach out to Laura (@LauraBedrossian) and I (@Kristin_LD) on Twitter. Get happy, it’s HAPPO!


Any PR pro has to keep up with the latest trends and current news. Since it’s physically impossible to read every single publication from cover to cover on a daily basis (and actually get some work done), you should use every trick to stay up-to-date.

One may try to scan the mainstream publications daily, but at the very least, check those top tier pubs. It wasn’t until I started using Twitter more for work that I realized how great of a tool it was for keeping up on the latest trends and stories. We’ve seen the global impact that social media has had in countries such as Egypt, but why aren’t more people utilizing such great tools?

Most of my non-PR friends and non-journalist friends do not have Twitter accounts and deem it either unnecessary or annoying, for reasons I cannot really wrap my head around. But Twitter (and really all social media) is such an interesting tool to get information out quickly. For example, The Huffington Post reported in a story on Feb. 20th that journalist Harold Geronimo of Manila, Philippines, was the first to report that Mount Bulusan erupted via Twitter—sending a tweet from his phone just minutes after the eruption. Within seconds news has the potential to reach the masses, and in less than 140 characters.


What’s your vector, Victor?

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I’ve heard some recent debate on whether it is appropriate to place an “objective” on one’s resume.

If you’re sending a resume and a cover letter, is it truly necessary to include an objective on the resume? Some people believe it’s a clear and concise way to inform future employers of your goals and plans. Others find it to be redundant when you clearly state your intentions in a cover letter.

Kaitlin Madden in her Feb. 13th article “Keep your resume free of clutter, common pitfalls,” takes the latter point-of-view. As a person with a human resources background, Kaitlin has a lot of insight regarding resumes and take it from someone who looks at as many resumes as she does, you may want to try out some of her advice.

Any thoughts on this debate? Who keeps the “objective” alive?


Today it was announced that the PRSA  released updated guidelines on the ethical use of PR and communications interns.  The PRSA questioned whether the industry as a whole is doing the right thing by hiring interns without pay, suggesting that unpaid internships raise issues of ethics. Basically, if you’re billing a client for work the intern completes, is it fair to deny the intern compensation?

We here at Peppercom offer a paid internship program, and believe me, you earn that money.  The internship is very hands-on and every intern is responsible for conducting research for existing clients and new business development, media relations, news monitoring, account administration and general office support.

We know the economy is tough and any experience you gain before graduation is invaluable, but if you can manage to find a paid internship with a great agency go for it! If you think Peppercom just might be the agency for you, we’re currently accepting applications for our summer internship program.

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume with a cover letter to Doug Feingold at interncommittee(at)peppercom(dot)com before March 15th.

Tell them Kristin and Laura sent you 😉

What are your thoughts on unpaid internships? Would you accept one without pay? Why or why not?

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