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Guest post by Sin Yee Ng, Peppercom intern.

The rule above sounds simple, and it should be. But as we have seen time and time again, companies often fail to honor promises. And not only do companies lose customers, but the bad publicity often prevents new customers from trusting them. My experience came in the form of a simple task- booking a flight and hotel for my colleague. I thought generating business was hard enough, who knew giving business could be such a challenging task as well.

When I was given the task, naturally, I turned to the easiest way to book it- the internet. We’ve come a long way since sifting through brochures and dealing with travel agents and airline companies. The efficiency and cheaper operations cost are some of the main reasons why businesses shift their sales online while customers such as myself enjoy shopping online for the ability to compare prices, get the best deals and to do it at our convenience.

After multiple attempts at booking online and getting errors, I knew it was time for some personal communication with an agent. However, the agents I spoke to were not helpful and made the problem worse. So much for the reservation.

After my first bad experience, my colleague and I went back online to another website, this time hoping it would be a more pleasant experience. Nevertheless, the transaction online failed to go through.

When a company advertises themselves to have the “Best Rate Guaranteed” and “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, is it too much to expect that they uphold minimum standards? Walk the walk. Keeping a customer is not only cheaper; it is easier than generating a new one.

I hope companies learn from dealing with unsatisfied customers and make those necessary changes. For example, listen to those recordings they make when people call in and determine what issues they are having. Offering the “best deal” is no use if you cannot deliver on it.

Anyone else like to share their stories of good or horrible online shopping experience?

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